2020 nye ankomst efterår og vinter classic design 140*140 cm farverige tørklæde 65% cashmere 35% silke tørklæde wrap til kvinder, dame, pige
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140*140 cm

65% cashmere,35%silke

  • Tørklæder Type: Tørklæde
  • Køn: KVINDER
  • Materiale: Cashmere
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Mønster Type: Udskriv
  • Tørklæder Længde: 135cm-175cm
  • Stil: Mode
  • Navn På Afdeling: Voksen
  • Element Type: Tørklæder

Tags: 100 silke, silke tørklæde, tørklæder kvinde vinter 2020, nitten, børn tørklæde, tørklæde vinter, backapcks, tørklæder til dame, bridal hijab, cape winter.

Very nice soft scarf, classic. I will buy again as a gift
Love Khan
Very beautiful handkerchief, quality, gentle, does not crumple when compressed in the palm of your hand. Seams outside, as it should be, all by hand, there is a label about the composition of the product. The picture is clear. There is no foreign smell. I took two identical scarves as a gift. Shipping is super fast. With the seller before buying contacted, very attentive and friendly. Definitely this is not my last purchase. I chose the seller according to reviews, thank you to everyone who writes reviews, it helps a lot. And the seller certainly Thanks for the worthy goods and honesty in describing his goods.
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