Linse Hud Decal Sticker Anti-ridse Protektor Til Canon EF8-15mm f4L Wrap Dække Sagen
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Premium Quality Vinyl used for this decal, Easy to apply - No fuss no mess!Package only includes a piece of premium Lens Skin For EF8-15mm f/4L Automotive Grade Vinyl Made From Quality Material Guaranteed Premium 1080/2080 series-Less Than 1mm Scratch Resistant & Shatter Resistant Waterproof & Easily clean Provide your lens all around protection without added weight Leaves NO glue / residue on the surface of lens body Precision dimension by laser Allow full access to every button and scale The matrix parts prevent lens slipping from hands Makes it more comfortable finger touching Stylish lens guard makes your lens unique and outstanding Camera protector is adhered to camera body to keep it in place 1.Please clean the lens surface thoroughly 2.Remove out all the dust using the sticky tape Once protector is positioned, press the middle part and work carefully toward edges

  • Materiale: Biler Kvalitet Vinyl
  • Kompatibel med: Til Canon EF8-15 f4L
  • Pakke: Ja
  • hud: Præcision Skåret Ud Med Laser
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Mærke: Vieruodis

Tags: thiogamma, tnmg160408 zcc, der er ingen sky, titanium coated metal, fliser, den ensartede fristelsen, tipe c til usb, tipex, titanium tragus piercing stud, tobak vape.

Movla Alyev
Great wraps! Nice protection!
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