3D puzzle-100 elementer "Tyrannosaurus"
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3D puzzle-100 elementer "тираннозавр"

Specifikationer-Serien (tegnefilm) Ingen serie Materiale (Universal) Pap Tema billede Dinosaurer Barnets Alder (ordbog værdier) 3 år gamle Theme designer Dyrenes Verden Se Designer 3D Nej temperatur begrænsning, der kræves Ingen.Antallet af elementer 100.0

  • Tema-designer: Dyrenes Verden
  • Ingen temperatur begrænsning, der kræves: NEJ.
  • Materiale (Universal): pap
  • Tema billede: Dinosaurer
  • Serie (tegnefilm): Ingen serie
  • Barnets alder (ordbog værdier): 3 år gammel
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Vis Designer: 3D
  • Antallet af elementer: 100.0
  • Mærke: INGEN

Tags: anime puslespil, puslespil, spil puzzl, p, 3d mand shirt, 3D-Print, bigbang kpop, 3d-printer, 6 stykke puslespil, rammen kpop.

The color of the picture on the puzzle is not bright, puzzles are bent, to collect something, you need to bend them and straighten them. Due to the low contrast of the colors of puzzles collect pleasure below average. Long delivery. The planned delivery time and close is not sustained. The representative of the seller answers questions about delivery in style: "We send in queue order", when we deliver unknown.
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