Tastatur til HP Pavilion 15-n060
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Laptop keyboard for HP Pavilion 15-n060, 15-n060ca, 15-n060er, 15-n060nr, 15-n060sf, 15-n060sr, 15-n060ss, 15-N061EF, 15-N061NR, 15-N061SR, 15-N061SS, 15-N062NR, 15-N062SF, 15-N062SL, 15-N062SR, 15-N063SF, 15-N063SL, 15-N063SO, 15-N063SR, 15-N064NR, 15-N064SF, 15-N064SO, 15-N064SR, 15-N064SZ, 15-N065EA, 15-N065EZ, 15-N065NR, 15-N065SA, 15-N065SB, 15-N065SR, 15-N065SW, 15-N066EI, 15-N066EZ, 15-N066SB, 15-N066SF, 15-N066SI, 15-N066SL, 15-N066SO, 15-N066SR, 15-N066US, 15-N067CA, 15-N067EI, 15-N067EO, 15-N067EZ, 15-N067NR, 15-N067SG, 15-N067SI, 15-N067SL, 15-N067SO, 15-N067SR, 15-N068EI, 15-N068EL, 15-N068EO, 15-N068NR, 15-N068SI, 15-N068SL, 15-N068SO, 15-N068SR, 15-N069EB, 15-N069EI, 15-N069EO, 15-N069NR, 15-N069SB, 15-N069SI, 15-N069SO, 15-N069SR

  • Kompatible Mærker: HP/Compaq
  • Mærke: INGEN

Tags: spil tastatur, combo mus og tastatur, tastatur mechan, trådløse tastatur, hp pavilion-bærbar computer, hp, tastatur og mus, Baggrundsbelyst Tastatur, 15 hp pavilion, hp pavilion dv6.

The keyboard from the old Oskol to Bashkiria RF arrived in a week. Packing-two hard pieces of foam, top of the Scotch and a package. It's whole. The keyboard was issued for HP Pavilion n15-062. The keyboard came up, but it turned out to be a fraction of a millimeter smaller, because of this it is not fixed in its place. Probably have to smear double-sided tape. The train is a centimeter longer than a millimeter by 10, I had to fold the accordion
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