Barrow Vand Køling Mini Pumpe SPB17-TM,PWM-Hastighed Kontrol af Typen RGB-17W Vand Køling Integreret Pumpe til ITX Computer Sag
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  • Pakke: Ja
  • Af Blæserhastighed: 3000RPM
  • Power Interface: 3pin/4pin
  • Luft Mængde: 30CFM
  • farve: Silver/Black
  • Type: water cooling kits
  • Leje: Væske Leje
  • Certificering: ROHS
  • Anvendelse: Computer Sag
  • Fan Liv: 30000 timer
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Funktion: 17W vand pumpe kompatibel ITX sag
  • Materiale Til Varmeafleder: Kobber
  • Kompatibel CPU: ALLE
  • Magt: 1.56 W
  • Fan Størrelse: 120x120x25mm
  • Støj: 16dBA
  • Mærke: BARROW
  • Model-Nummer: SPB17-TM
  • Linjer: INGEN

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Sasha Prisy
seller shipped the product very fast. 4 stars because the product is not really as good as I expected. Product come with no instruction manual, nonprinted information and no online info, its really confusing. the main confusing part is the manual control, there is no +/- for power control, and its somehow full power on both ends of the nob and lower in the middle its like (10 left - 0 center - 10 right) I guess. Speed, not as fast as promoted of 17w, 4/L it has 2 inlet on top, and inlet on side, and one outlet at the bottom side, again no instructions so these are my guesses. Sound at highest speed more like 50-60db which is loud. I'm using it along with thermaltake p5 pump as secondary, and power is not important, however for people with large custom loop you might need to consider that this is not a silent pump like thermaltake. it's just low end pump. I didnt install the LED control since this pump installed hidden at the back of my crossdesk and its not visible.
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