2020 PAGANI DESIGN Top Brand Nye Silikone mænd mekaniske ure mode luksus mænd business armbåndsure sport mænd chronograph VK63
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  • montre PAGANI DESIGN: Vandtæt Ure Mænds ure
  • Urværk: Japan Seiko VK63
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Dial Diameter: 40mm
  • Funktion: lysende hænder
  • Skive Vindue Materiale Type: Safir-Krystal
  • Lås Type: Spænde
  • Vandtæthed Dybde: 10Bar
  • Støtte Dropshipping: E-pakke,Ingen faktura,Hurtig levering, fabrikken direkte salg
  • Bandet Materiale Type: Silikone
  • relogio PAGANI DESIGN: fashion & casual sports-Business mærke Ur
  • Sag Form: RUNDE
  • Bandet Længde: 25cm
  • Model-Nummer: PD-1664
  • Element Type: Mekaniske Armbåndsure
  • herre ure top luksus: kvarts ur
  • Sagen Tykkelse: 12mm
  • Bånd Bredde: 20mm
  • Bokse & Sager Materiale: Papir
  • Bevægelse: KVARTS
  • Sag Materiale: Rustfrit Stål
  • Stil: Sport

Tags: chronograph watch mænd, 41mm corgeut se, ary ure, pagani, aliang herre ur, chronograph ur, pagani se, se, mænd ser, CADISEN.

Julia 187
Very nice product, the silicon strap is awesome. But be careful. This one does not accept metal bracelet with endlinks, only straps.
Kozlova 2001
Everything was said about the quality especially compared to the price. The bracelet is top. I prefer a rubber than a very bad metal to put in the trash bin as on the 1644. In addition I'm happy with the quick fasteners of the bracelet. But I would have preferred a loop. Like many, surprised by the small size of the case. Especially I have pretty big wrists. It is limited but acceptable. The back is a little thicker than on the 1644 so it amazes me that they say even thickness. With the black background of small dials we do not see the needles well. Less well on this point than the 1644. For other differences it is minimal: back not engraved the same, logo crown polished and unbrushed, dial very slightly more enveloping around the crown. Light really bad but not a surprise, said in all comments.
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