10/12" Professionel Kok Kniv Og Slien Stang Diamant Slibning Stick Honing Stål/Stål + Træ Til Kniven/Afretter/Mejsel/Scissor
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10inch Specification: Material: Steel + Wood Color: Silver Use for: Knife/Planer/Chisel/Scissor etc. 12inch Specification: Material: Steel Color: Silver Use for: Knife/Planer/Chisel/Scissor etc.


1. Less risk of damaging the edges.

2. Ergonomic handle with hang up ring.

3. Durable steel blade provides sturdiness.

4. Great design to ease cutting and sharpening work.

5. Humanized handle design for aesthetic and practical.

6. Ergonomic soft and thoughtful handle for easy to operate.

7. Lightweight and space-saving design to operate and to hang.

8.Knife sharpener protect your counter during sharpening.

9. Ensure efficient and sharp sharpening result.

10. Designed for convenient home kitchen knife honing and sharpening .

Product Usage:

1.Place the plastic tip on the end of the sharpening rod on a solid surface.

Apply lightly downward pressure to avoid slipping during use.

2.Place heel of your blade at the top of sharpening rod at preferred 20 degree angle.

Sharpen the knife from heel to tip and repeat 2-3 times,

then turn to the other side of the knife until blade sharp.

General speaking, use it once a week to keep your blade sharp.

3. Clean the knife with water or wiper and dry it after use,

Clean the knife sharpener with non-abrasive brush.

Package included:

1 x Knife Sharpening Rod

  • Type: Sharpeners
  • Certificering: CE / EU
  • Farve:
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Funktion: Lager
  • Materiale:
  • Bruger: for Kniv/Afretter/Mejsel/Sakse osv.
  • Model-Nummer: Kniven Slibe Stang
  • Mærke: OOTDTY

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