Vintage Mænd Ren Titanium Briller Ramme Rundt Om Kvinder Luksus Mærke Recept Nærsynethed Optiske Briller Ramme Små Briller
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Hvordan til at købe Receptpligtig Briller ?Køb briller rammer og glas linse Sammen Hvis du ikke vælger at købe briller linse...Vi sender dig kun briller ramme Valgfri recept linse-forbindelse til rådighed:

  • Mønster Type: Solid
  • Element Type: Brillerne Tilbehør
  • style2: 10518
  • Mærke: OUTMIX
  • Køn: Unisex
  • Model-Nummer: gxyj-02
  • Ramme Materiale: Titanium
  • style3": Mannen
  • Certificering: KC
  • Oprindelse: JP(Oprindelse)
  • Brillerne Tilbehør: BILLEDER
  • style1: john lennon

Tags: titanium briller er, service titanium, toketorism recept briller, aun glasses women, beta-titanium briller ramme mænd, optiacal briller ramme, legering recept briller til mænd, sølv øjeglas rammer, chopard, optiske briller mi.

I love these glasses. they fit batter, and look better than ones I paid 8x as much for, from a local optical store
Danil Ritter
Days only! Shipping incredibly fast four key Product quality is good. Just codes is not high than is unusual and handsome Nose rest adjustable power for long harness. Sassy is if a person goes well. Default lens weighs up to 14g or marionette ~~
Graves28 08
Yesterday I got glasses made by recipe. I used almost a day and for now I can only say wow. Honestly, I was very pleased. It's just cool. The frame is chic. Titanium, The lenses offered by the seller himself. Made and inserted neatly. All on the prescription. Quality, it's super for me. You look like an empty hole without glass and you see everything right. Good. And The lenses are also very cheap. We have scary glasses, not very high quality 7 years ago ordered for 3 thousand. The communication with the seller was clear and he did everything quickly and qualitatively. Very nice case. Highly recommend seller and goods. Order from this seller will not regret. The spouse said she would order glasses here. The store also has the same square titanium frame, I will try it later,All good and joy!!!
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