ARiby Dyb V-Krave Party Dress Kvinder Sommeren Sexet Lang Kjole 2019 Mode Ærmer Og Ryg-Ren Gulv-Længde Fishtail Kjoler
kr125.87 kr100.68
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  • farve: Grå, Sort, Rød, Blå, Lilla
  • Halsudskæring: V-Hals
  • Mærke: ARiby
  • Størrelse: S;M;L;XL
  • Dekoration: INGEN
  • Silhuet: Trompet / Mermaid
  • Stil: Sexy & Club
  • Model-Nummer: LYQ28
  • Funktion 6: Lang Kjole
  • Funktion 5: sommer kjole
  • Funktion 7: 2019 ny
  • Indslag 2: Part Kjole
  • Kjoler Længde: Gulv-Længde
  • Ærme Længde(cm): Ærmeløs
  • Funktion 3: Sexy Dress
  • Sæson: Sommer
  • Talje: empire
  • Funktion 1: kvinder kjole
  • Materiale: Polyester
  • Køn: KVINDER
  • Mønster Type: Solid
  • Ærme Stil: Spaghetti Strop
  • Funktion 4: stramme slim-dress

Tags: MIUXIMAO, sexi skud, dame toning mode, dagtimerne sommer kjole, polka dot vest, afrikanske dashiki maxi kjole, Dære, dyb kavalergang halskæde, langstar sommer kjole, varm, dyb kavalergang.

It is most certainly not the dress in the picture. The neck should a tight v neck are. This is therefore a low round neck. The color is not abricot, But mouse gray. Can give him free of charge send back, but from experience I know that you please also can whistle to your money. Also maybe not, but the trust in the seller is away. Had to purchase all various questions asked, but following the the new and wild err on the side of. Yes please promise them you of everything, but eventually promise with a dead sparrow. So I think I'll dress but love and there own a whole other dress of make. If you kleermaakster are is that so much convenient. But it had not allowed to happen. So but 1 star for the dress. 1 star for communication, because ultimately have them under false voorwendsels a dress sent. The speed of the dress is according to me ordinary time been. 5 Stars ....... Unfortunately seller, next time nevertheless Better with You deal customers and just be honest.
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