Brændstof tank cap med niveau indikator for tanke c14540, c14541 c14542s
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Took on the gasoline tank Honda 25 liters. The Cork on the diameter is almost not suitable. Will customize
Well suited for a 12-liter Tohatsu tank
Ideally approached at 12L. Tank Tohatsu 9,8.
Atilla Sirin
Bought to replace the native tank cover for 25 liters of Tohatsu 30, T. K. Float on the native lid did not work. For these tanks do not recommend to buy, firstly the float mechanism is shorter, secondly, the thread of the lid is not the same. In short, changed the floats in places, the native cover "earned". I don't know what to do with this anymore.
The hatch is good. No one is different from the native PLM tank, it seems to me made in one factory. Sent on the first working day 1 class by mail of Russia. There were notifications on the mobile, so there was no trace. It went with Vladimir, I would say that not just quickly, but divinely quickly. It all arrived north of Komi in three days. If I didn't live in Russia, I wouldn't believe it. Works fine, nothing sticks in any positions. I took the generator tank, so I will not throw about other tanks. But I definitely recommend... that's how everyone would work!
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